An Introduction to Neuroscience
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Step 2 – Designing your Experiment

Once you’ve decided on a project, you need to consider what you are actually going to do in the lab. You need to consider the scientific process, equipment and mutants available to you, and time management. Click on the pages below for more information on this.

Step 2 Page 1 – The Scientific Process

In scientific research there is a standardised way of going about an experiment. This is as the diagram shows: Ask ...

Step 2 Page 2 – Lab Equipment

2. Laboratory Equipment Most school and college labs will have some standard equipment which you could consider using. Always check that your school/college ...

Step 2 Page 3 – Common Mutants

Common Mutants It's important to consider what different Drosophila and Nematode mutants you have access to if you plan to ...

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