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Schizophrenia directly affects 1% of the population at some stage during their life and many more through its impact on families and friends.¬† Because it usually comes on in teens and twenties, it also has major effects on development of relationships and earning capacity.¬† It involves problems with beliefs about the world, distressing perceptions (e.g. ‚Äėvoices’) and misinterpretations of people’s intentions (paranoia).¬† A number of social circumstances and psychological problems make it more likely to occur and so interventions involve work with understanding and coping with these. You can find more details¬†here.

Below you can see the work done by Amber Newton and Nicola Day to illustrate schizophrenia through fashion. Further down, you can read their thoughts about schizophrenia, their work as artists, and how the two interacted to create their piece.