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Step 3 Page 1 – Keeping a Lab Book

When you get into the lab it is really important to manage your time, as you won’t have that many lab hours!

As previously mentioned you should first consider doing a Pilot Study, this will check that everything works as expected and will save you time in the long run.

To help manage your time you should keep a Lab Book. A Lab Book is basically a diary of everything you do in the lab, and you can record results of your experiments in it.¬†It is also worth noting any other factors that may be effecting that day’s results, such as it being a really hot day, or a piece of equipment not working. This gives you a record of exactly why some results may not be as expected when you come to analyse your Data. You should also keep a note of your sample size, and whether any of your sample died, were male or female, or any other variables which may muddy your results.

If you also record timings of experiments, it will allow you to better plan further lab work, as you will be able to predict how long it will take you.


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