Interdisciplinary Mobility Funding

The following projects received Interdisciplinary Mobility funding in Phase III of Dial-a-Molecule.

Jordi Bures

Use of High Pressure Flow NMR for the Monitoring of Hydroformylation Reaction

Marc Reid and Liam Ball

Data-driven Acceleration of Ligand Development for Metal-catalysed Cross-coupling

Ben Partridge

Investigating the Mechanism of Alkyl Chan Lam Amination at ROAR

Charlotte Willans and Will Unsworth

Development of silver-N-heterocyclic carbene catalysts for spirocyclisation reactions

Becky Greenaway

Enabling Access to Automation: Low-Cost Liquid Handling Platform for Synthesis

Marc Reid and Andrew Capel

Reactor Optimisation for Phase-transfer Processes in Drug Design: Process Control via Additive Manufacturing