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Italian translation of week one topics

Excavating a burial at PortusPhoto: Hembo Pagi Eleonora has translated the summaries of the week one activities into Italian in order to support sharing of the course via Italian social media. As discussed previously the course itself runs in English and it is not possible to moderate the posts in English and Italian. This would require Italian speakers on the FutureLearn platform which is monitored 24 hours a day. So, we will continue to provide additional resources such as this where possible. Continue reading →

New Discoveries at Ostia Antica and the Isola Sacra

  David Knight undertaking magnetometry in the vicinity of the Tiber levee on the Isola Sacra in 2008 The new discovery of extensive urban remains to the north of the river Tiber at Ostia Antica highlights part of the survey project conducted between 2008 and 2012 across the Isola Sacra, the area of delta between Ostia Antica and Portus. Continue reading →

Gamer data – the heart of the matter (oh dear)

Enough pussyfooting around with ludic.interest. We conducted this survey because we wanted to get an idea of what would encourage people to play a game that used mobile technology to engage players in the story that take place in a number of cultural heritage locations around Southampton. (Though in other news, our funding bid for that project fell at the second hurdle, so this research is likely to now be, both literally and metaphorically “academic. Continue reading →

Thank you, everybody who completed my survey

I took the survey off line today. 226 people responded, though 33 didn’t answer all the questions. Still that isn’t a bad sample size. Thank you to everyone that participated, even if you didn’t manage to answer all the questions. A quick scan though the answers tell me these things: Mobile games have an awareness issue. Eleven people had never heard of Minecraft, 112 people had’t heard of Cut the Rope. Continue reading →

The Portus MOOC and Southampton Alumni

Portus Field School team 2013 (on flickr) I am very keen that the Portus MOOC engages with University of Southampton alumni. In part I hope that this is a way to say thank you for their input to the University, both as students and more recently, by providing a free way for them to continue learning with us. But I also see these alumni as bringing a different perspective to the MOOC cohort. Continue reading →

Archaeological Survey at Ras Al Hadd, Oman

Over the last few weeks a team from the University of Southampton has been working with a team from the British Museum, surveying the archaeological site at Ras Al Hadd. The focus of the survey work was to carry out a topographic survey of the site, and to conduct magnetometer and GPR survey of areas of the occupation mound, prior to the commencement of excavation of the site. Continue reading →