Episode List

Episode 1: Anne Curry on Agincourt, June 2015

In this episode, Dean of Humanities and Professor of History Anne Curry talks to Rachel Herrmann and Eve Colpus about her work on Agincourt in 1415.

Episode 2: Chris Fuller on the War on Terror, September 2015

In this episode, Dr Chris Fuller, Lecturer in Modern History, speaks with Rachel HerrmannĀ about the September 11th attacks, the War on Terror, the rise of drone technology, and a different sort of history research.

Episode 3: Kendrick Oliver on the Space Age, October 2015

In this episode you can listen to Kendrick Oliver, Professor of American History, as he talks to Rachel Herrmann about the Space Age, evangelicals, and his new work on cosmology.

Episode 4: Maria Hayward on Tudor and Stuart Material Culture, February 2016

In this episode you can listen to Maria Hayward, Professor Early Modern History,Ā talk to Rachel Herrmann aboutĀ the clothing of Charles II and Henry VIII, how early modern males turn our ideas of accessorizing upside down, and about what sorts of material culture students can use in their own research and writing.

Episode 5: Mark Stoyle on Cannibals, Witches, and the English Civil War, April 2016

In this episode you can listen to Mark Stoyle, Professor of Early Modern History, talk to Rachel Herrmann aboutĀ his work on cannibals, witches, the English Civil War, and Exeter’s aqueducts.

Episode 6: History Admissions at the University of Southampton, June 2016

In this episode you can listen to Dr Christer Petley, Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Rachel Herrmann, and other members of staff talk about what we like about our students, history, and teaching at Southampton.

Episode 7: Craig Lambert and Gary Baker on English Maritime Shipping, September 2016

In this episode you can listen to Dr Gary Baker and Dr Craig Lambert talk to Rachel Herrmann about medieval and early modern English maritime shipping.

Episode 8: Chris Woolgar on Food in Medieval England, May 2017

In this episode you can listen to Chris Woolgar, Professor of History and Archival Studies, talk to Rachel Herrmann about food in medieval England.

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