Episode 6: History Admissions at the University of Southampton

Admissions podcastSummer is here, which means that it’s almost time for our Open Days! Every year, we look forward to welcoming prospective students and their families to campus, where we’ll meet each other, learn about you and your interests, and tell you about History at the University. This year, we thought that before that happened, we’d record a a new episode of Southampton History Speaks that discusses the History course, and offers some advice to prospective applicants. In this episode you can listen to Christer Petley, Chris Fuller, Rachel Herrmann, and other members of staff talk about what we like about our students, history, and teaching at Southampton.

You’ll learn about the wide range of our modules and our various approaches to teaching history, and you can listen to our different views about what constitutes history and what makes the study of it important. You’ll hear us discuss career options for graduates, and figure out what makes for a good application to the course. Several additional speakers–Chris Prior, Helen Spurling, George Gilbert, and Mark Stoyle–also pop in for a chat about the department and their students!

You can right-click on this episode link to open it in a new window and stream the podcast without having to download it, or you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes U. If you want to learn more about History at the University of Southampton, you can visit our website, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. We’re always keen to hear your feedback about things we can do to improve, or about topics you’d like to see covered in future. Thanks for stopping by!

For information about our Open Days: follow this link.

For admissions: here are Christer’s contact details.

For information about the group project, click here.

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