Subject pages

Subject pages

To help you find the best library resources and information for your subject we have created library subject pages. The resources and information on each page have been selected by a librarian who works closely with the academic staff who will be teaching you.  Click on the Subject pages index link to find the subject you will be studying and take a look at what will be available to help you. 


As well as creating your subject page, library staff support your studies in other ways.

The library staff work with the academics who teach you to make sure that the resources on your reading lists are available in the library or online. They can also help you find other relevant materials related to your subject in the library and online.

The librarians run training workshops to help you work on your skills and knowledge to get your best out of your time studying at the University. Workshops include how to find the best resources for your subject or assignments; improving your searching; how to cite and reference correctly. You can find out more about all the workshops available when you join the university on the workshops and training page.

The librarians keep in contact with you and the lecturers and academic staff who teach you to let you know about new resources and library services. This might be done though regular emails, social media posts or at meetings with your academic school or department.

You can find out who your librarian is from your subject page.

The librarians are always happy to help you, see the Help page for information on how you can get in contact with library staff.


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