Google & Google Scholar

Tips for Searching the Web 

When you use a search engine such as Google to find information on a topic, it is best not to write or paste a whole sentence or question into the search box. 

You will find better results if you search for keywords which are relevant to your search topic. 

If you are unsure about how to identify useful keywords for your search topic, go back to the section on Searching.

When studying at university, Google and Google Books should not be you first choice for finding academic literature. The Literature section of this course outlines how to access academic resources that you should use for study. 

How can I make my Google searches more effective?  

Go back and start by look again at the advice in Searching. 

  •  Next this video by Google on simple search tips

  • Then see the advice on the Google help pages – How to search on Google.
  •  To improve your searches, look at this video by Google on filtering and refining your search results

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