Your Library

Learning outcomes:


Read the following information in this section carefully and complete the short quiz at the end to test your knowledge. You can then move on to the next section Literature.

Your Library 

The following topics are presented in this section:

  1. Welcome to the library
  2. More than just one library
  3. Where to find information to support your studies
  4. How to connect to library resources when you are away from campus 
  5. How to get help with using the library and library resources 

After you complete this section you will be able to:

  • understand how the library staff and the University Library Service can help you with your studies
  • know where to find online library resources for the subject you will be studying
  • know how you can use library resources when you are away from the campus
  • know about the different campus site libraries which make up the University Library Service
  • know where to go for help with library matters both online and in person

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