Literature Databases

Searching electronic (online) resources

Libraries subscribe to a wide range of databases which allow you to search for articles inside journals which are specifically relevant to your subject. This is helpful when you want to find literature about a topic for a literature review or an assignment.
These databases can be accessed through a library web page.
Although the look and feel of databases is different, they have key search features in common.
Whilst access to most databases requires payment (by an institution) there is a range of good quality electronic resources which are freely available to anyone.

Exploring research 

Click on the links below and see what you can find about a topic that you are studying at school/college.

These are all freely available resources which contain materials that are open to anyone to access (Open Access).

Once you are a registered student with us you will be able to use more content from journals and databases for which the library has paid an ongoing subscription.

Explore the following resources:



A multidisciplinary database containing millions of research articles 


DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) 

A multidisciplinary database containing peer reviewed research articles 





PLOS (Public Library of Science) 


A database providing access to science and medical research articles and related materials. 



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