User Research: Students Use of Social Media For Academic Purposes

Students Use of Social Media in Academia

Students use a variety of social networks both generally, and to support their academic work. In the past some universities have set up social networks for students, but many universities now just connect into mainstream platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social media is being used broadly across higher education, and some applications are specifically designed for education.

Much of the literature on social media and higher education focuses on the integration of social media websites into the classroom, but social networks in education can have a wider reach and impact than this.

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User Research: PhD Students Looking for Supervisors

Supervision is key to a PHD students’ success.

The Web is full stories of students finding it difficult to locate and work with PhD supervisors, this includes stories about PhD supervision that has ended up being a negative experience.

Across universities and disciplines, many students seem to have been poorly briefed on how they to develop their research proposal and then find the right match.

Fuller (2015) reported that 70‚Äď87% of full-time PhD candidates across 30 institutions in the UK completed in 7¬†years, but doctoral attrition rates are high in North America: an estimated 40% to 50% of candidates never finish.¬† This level of non completion alongside a rise in the number of students enrolling in PhDs.

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Analysis of Existing Websites/User Research: Findings on Academic Social Networking Sites

Academic Social Networking Sites (ASNS)

There are a large range of social networks used by academics, this includes Academic Social Networking sites.

Four of the most popular ASNS are, Researchgate, Mendeley, and Zotero

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User Research: How Academics View Social Media

Social Media Use Among Academics

Academia relies on the generation, transmission and sharing of knowledge, and there are already many social networks that exist to support such dynamics between academics, and professional researchers.  Unsuprisingly social media usage has been growing rapidly amongst academics.

Jordan and Weller (2018) have undertaken an up-to-date and comprehensive review of current findings of views academics have of social media.

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Welcome to the ‘MeetingofMinds’ Project

Hi from the ‘Meeting of Minds’ Team¬†

The team includes

  • Kholoud: the web technologist who came up with the idea for this platform – and wants to build it.
  • Nina:¬† the social scientist who want explore ways in which different groups of people can positively socially network with each other, and is acting as the project manager for this project.
  • Ema:¬† the web technologist who wants to build this platform with the help of Kholoud.
  • Supanoot: who is acting as the blog administrator, and will use her expertise in digital business and entrepreneurship to support the Team in producing the research and strategies needed for this project.

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