Nina is a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton. She is a curious person and has a lot of different interests. Therefore, she studied multiple subjects.  She heard other students that they are looking for a supervisor, but she wants something more: she wants an excellent one!

She is willing to find a person that shares the same interests with her. Because she is aware that the supervisory relationship, in order to be a good one, needs to be based on an open communication, availability, and share of passion, she will look at the work habits, academic activity, and interests of the potential supervisors. She knows that finding the right supervisor is the key to her success as a postgraduate.

She talked about these concerns with her older friend, Maria, who has been in the same situation a year ago. Maria had a good experience. She shared her secret with Nina: the MeetingOfMinds application.  After the discussion, Nina went back home and registered to MeetingOfMinds with her institutional account. She completed her profile with relevant information about her background and research interests.

Via this application, she found a few professors that she considered as potential supervisors. By using the in-app chats and after consulting their meeting schedule, she contacted them and, after a few conversations, she made a decision. With her supervisor, she schedules weekly meetings on Monday mornings because both of them are morning persons and have Mondays free.

Nina is glad that with MeetingOfMinds she found the right supervisor. With him, she established a good academic relationship, she received good guidance and enjoyed her overall experience. Now, Nina is sharing her success story and recommends the application to her friends.

Author: Emanuela Colta

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