Scenario 2

Persona 2: Stave

He is an iPhD student and finished his first year and already has a supervisor for his PhD thesis. Satve is active in the social media and willing to share his experience  in finding the proper supervisor.

  • Stave logs-in to MeetingOfMinds application using his university account’s details.
  • ¬†Stave updates his profile with his new informations.
  • Stave enables the option of in-app-chat.
  • Stave receives some notifications.
  • Stave checks the notifications and found that Garkie has added him to her profiles and trying to contact him via in-app-chat.
  • Stave view her messages and being contacted with her.
  • Stave actively responses to all enquiries got it from other users and gives advices and support based on his experience.

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