Hospital Heist

Running Hospital Heist in an Online Teaching Format

Due to COVID-19, schools are currently unable to run Hospital Heist as an activity day. We have made an altered version of Hospital Heist and adapted the PowerPoints so that it can be run in online lesson formats, where the students are learning remotely from their home and so have limited access to resources. All the information needed for them to learn about Forensic science and solve the crime is provided in these PowerPoints. The PowerPoints have been split up into 4 main lessons, with an introduction and a summing up session. These can still be run as an activity day or multiple daily sessions to span a couple of days or a week.

Please Note: If you are sending the PowerPoints out to your students to follow along with at home, there are some answers in the notes sections that were put there for the teachers use. You can either leave them in the PowerPoints for the students to check they have the correct answers or delete them before sending them out for their use.

Introduction Session This brief introduction will allow students to be introduced to the crime and what they are going to learn. It sets the scene for the following Forensic science based lessons and gain details that they will need to solve the crime.

Fingerprinting Session Left on the doorknob the CEO’s office was the culprits Fingerprint! In this sessions students will learn all about Fingerprint analysis which includes looking at the different types of fingerprints (loops, whorls, arches), comparing fingerprints, and learning how to lift a Fingerprint from a doorknob to rule out suspect(s) from the Hospital Heist case.

Fibre Analysis Session Some hair was found in the CEO’s office, and students can analyse this in an attempt to find the culprit. In this sessions students will learn all about Fibre analysis. This includes examining fibres, how to distinguish between different animal and hair fibres, and using their skills in analysing fibres to rule out suspect(s) from the Hospital Heist case.

Document Analysis Session The burglar printed out a map of the hospital, and wrote down the key to the door with a passcode. Thankfully somebody found the paper scrunched up so it can be analysed! In this sessions students will learn all about document analysis, how to examine printer codes and paper strengths, and use their skills to rule out suspect(s) from the Hospital Heist case.

Ballistic Analysis Session The burglar had to shoot through a lock when breaking in to steal the artwork. In this sessions students will learn all about Ballistic analysis, Rifling in guns, firing pins, and the chemical side of Gunpowder Residue.

Summing Up Session After completing all of the other sessions, students can reflect on what they’ve found, sort through the evidence, and present their findings. This lets students look back and what they have investigated and concluded, practice their scientific deductive methodology and present their findings and detective skills.