Hospital Heist


These high-quality activities and web pages will support your teaching around the topic of forensics, and help you to run a science-filled¬†Hospital Heist day¬†to get your students excited about forensics. These materials have been developed by a local teacher from Hounsdown School,¬†Gemma Hortop, and¬†Dave Johnston from the University of Southampton’s Biomedical Imaging Unit.¬†They have now been re-purposed for an online environment through the University of Southampton’s Talk to US! initiative. This material has been¬†used with Year 7s, but are suitable for most students, specifically those currently in KS3.

Since being run for the first time in 2017 Gemma Hortop of Hounsdown School, Dave Johnston of the University and Southampton, and many other dedicated teachers from Hounsdown school have worked hard to make Hospital Heist a fun yet incredibly educational experience for students. Thanks to the success of the day, the resources used to teach students have been made available on this site for other teachers from all over the world to run their own Hospital Heist day for students. Through engagement with other schools, we hope that Hospital Heist, and teaching students about forensics, can become a staple of every school’s year (potentially featuring during the British Science Week)!

Due to COVID-19 the normal¬†Hospital Heist day is currently not able to be run in schools. We have made an adapted version of the PowerPoints which include all the resources for teachers and students to still enjoy Hospital Heist in an online format. Whilst students won’t be able to do an experimenting at home, they are still able to learn about Forensic science, the methods used and try to solve the crime. ¬†The PowerPoints are available in the For Teachers section, they are password protected so are only available to the teachers, so the students will have to wait to see the PowerPoints in their lessons!¬†