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Lesson D: Mysteries of the Deep

In this lesson students will use the example of scuba diving to investigate how water Pressure increases with Depth and the effects that this has on the human body. They will apply what they have learnt to explain how diving bells and/or submarines work.

You will need:

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson presentation (main or extension)
  • Equipment for Diving Bell demonstration
    • Glass beaker
    • Glass trough
    • Tissues
    • Water Pressure can
  • Equipment for class submarine practical (extension)
    • Plasticine
    • Plastic bottles with tops
    • Pipettes
  • Mythbusters scuba diver video

All of the presentations and files can be downloaded here. The student Area of this website contains information about doing the submarine experiment at home if they wish to do this as independent study (this can be carried out using a pen lid if a pipette is not available).