Education in the Green Space

Secondary school resources

Here are some of the worksheets and resources we’ve made which relate to the secondary school curriculum. All of these are in PDF format and are here for you to print and use. There are both resources for teachers to use themselves, to either further their knowledge or boost their confidence in taking classes outside. Many of the worksheets are applicable across several year groups, depending on ability, and how much detail you want to do. In some cases, some of the work sheets in the primary school section may be applicable to younger secondary school children.

For teachers

The school ground spotter sheet- these sheets have information about all the plants you may find on your school grounds, and some facts about them, designed to help teachers know what their school grounds contain. This can be found here.

Under the EIGS Guide tab, there are more documents focussed on assisting new or unconfident teachers in how to easily take classes outside.

For students

The below activities relate to topics in the KS3 National Curriculum in England;

box-of-curiosities – This used to be common in classrooms, and is useful to pique students interest in the natural world

bird-feeder-experimentA simple experiment to encourage scientific thinking, observation and recording skills, whilst engaging pupils with nature. It can be pitched at various levels and include thoughts about what an animal needs to survive, identification, or even adaptations.

nature-table –If you have little natural outdoor space, this can be a great way of providing students with an interactive experience of nature, whilst still in the classroom.

guess-who-garden-birds – This is a fun game, based on the classic ‘Guess Who’, which enables students and adults to become more proficient at bird identification.

Secondary schools may also find the appsvideos and websites we have listed useful, as well as some of the organisations detailed.