Education in the Green Space

Risk Assessments

How to approach a risk assessment. 

If you lack confidence with creating risk assessments, a simple step by step is provided below.

  1. Start by identifying the hazards, and the possible scenarios that could arise from these. The majority of hazards you will encounter are included in the hazard tick list or example risk assessment.
  2. Estimate the rating of the inherent risk (the risk without any control measures in place). There are risk/hazard matrices available for this, your school or organisation may have its own.
  3. Develop control measures for each hazard. Often these are simple solutions, like advising caution and carrying a first aid kit. Some ideas are provided in the example risk assessment.
  4. Estimate the rating of the residual risk (the risk with control measures in place). Often these will come out as low in most outdoor education scenarios.

Underneath is our example risk assessment for leading groups outdoors. You can use this as a basis and tailor the format to fit the procedure of your school.


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