Education in the Green Space


Living through Landscapes, School Nature Grant Scheme – Schools with learners aged 5+ can apply for this grant to receive £500 of outdoor education equipment, which they can select from a catalogue. This includes books, growing kits, planters, and wildlife homes and feeders. In addition, the program includes a free 2 hour training course for a minimum of one adult from the school. There are 7 to choose from, suitable for Reception to KS3 levels, including topics such as gardening, outdoor learning, and encouraging biodiversity, and how these can be linked to the curriculum. The final application round is 1stDecember 2017.

Tesco’s Bags of Help Grant – Money made from the 5p bag charge is used to provide community projects with grants from £1000 to £4000. Schools can apply and projects include developing an outdoor space, play area, allotment, park, school grounds, woodland or wildlife area.

The Peoples’ Postcode Lottery – In 2017 Postcode Local Trust will fund projects that are of local importance across Great Britain which support wildlife areas, sustainability initiatives, local indoor and outdoor spacesState schools are eligible and funding ranges from £500 to £20,000. 

The Woodland Trust, Free Trees for Schools and Communities – Schools can apply for a free tree pack to be planted either in the school grounds or accessible land. Different sizes and types of packs are available, catering to creating copse classrooms, hedges, encouraging wildlife and more. 

New Forest Park Association, Travel Grant Scheme – Around 200 schools in the New Forest area are eligible for a subsidy towards the transport costs of getting to the New Forest, including some in Southampton. Eligible schools are emailed in April with more details.