The purpose of a conference poster is to present in a captivating manner through brief text and images (photos, plans, tables) your current research or project. The key point is to summarize the results of your research so as to generate a discussion. Some important tips and elements for a successful poster are the following:

(1) Title and subtitles. Make sure the title attracts the reader’s attention.

(2) Clear, to the point and easy to read text. Use bullet points and numbering.

(3) High resolution images.

(4) Include acknowledgments and reference to institutional affiliations.

(5) Make sure the information is consistent and the layout is easy to follow.

The posters will be uploaded in MAGS website so as to be visited by the participants during the three days Symposium. During- the symposium you will be given the opportunity to present the poster. You will be expected to briefly introduce to the audience your research without getting into details. Remember the main key for a successful poster is to captivate the audience interest which will then pose questions for further information.

Format: A0 landscape or Wide screen (16:9), 33.867 cm* 19.05 cm for the virtual presentation

Text: 600 words (4 000 Characters)

Font: Arial, Myriad 

Text size: Poster title: 72, Important title: 36-48; Text: 35-18

Photos: 300 dpi

Software: Power point, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Exportation format: Pdf

Thanks to the virtual presentation you are encouraged to be creative by creating interactive PDF files with hyperlinks and/or QR codes.

Helpful websites: