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‘Let’s All Go to the Lobby’: How Concessions Shape Cinema

The thick waft of buttered popcorn; the over-sized cupholder stuffed with empty sweet packages; the stale soft-drink puddles you can’t avoid stepping in – and who can forget that endless chorus of chewing and slurping? The consumption of food and beverages are, to say the least, heavily embedded in the cinema-going experience – yet this …

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Wise Cracking Women

War Nurse (Edgar Selwyn, 1930) Anita Loos Clara Bow  

Rewriting ideal history: The Ostalgie expression in Goodbye, Lenin (2003)

Wolfgang Becker’s film Goodbye, Lenin (2003) portrays a tragicomic story of an East German family mirroring the historical changes after the fall of Berlin Wall. The hero Alex fabricates an elaborate fantasy of pre-fall-of-the-Wall life for his mother who suffers with amnesia, since her fragile heart cannot get excited by the drastic social change. Alex’s …

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