Wednesday 5 September

Wednesday morning

Barring late adjustments, this is the final program. Last update: 26-July-2018.

09.00Session start 
Chair: John BlanchardHelmholtz Institute, Mainz, Germany
09.00-09.45Fedor JelezkoUlm University, Germany
High sensitivity NMR enabled by diamond colour centers
09.45-10.05Ashok AjoyUC Berkeley, USA
Optical 13C Hyperpolarization in Powdered Diamond
10.05-10.25Antoine GarconHelmholtz Institute, Mainz, Germany
Dark matter searches via ultralow-field nuclear magnetic resonance (CASPEr)
11.00-11.20Bo ZhangUniversity of Science and Technology of China
Mesoscopic magnetic resonance spectroscopy with a remote spin sensor
11.20-11.40Peter RakitzisIESL-FORTH, Heraklion, Greece
High-Density Spin-Polarized H and D from UV Photodissociation, and Spin-Polarized Molecules from IR Rovibrational Excitation
11.40-12.15Peter BlümlerInstitute of Physics, Mainz, Germany
Nuclear Hyperpolarization of 3He in Magnetized Plasma
12.15end of session

Wednesday afternoon

13.45Session start 
Chair: Marc BaldusUniversity of Utrecht, The Netherlands
13.45-14.20Gaël de PaëpeUniversity of Grenoble, France
Hypersensitivity with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Natural Isotopic Abundance and Closed-Loop Cryogenic Helium Sample Spinning
14.20-14.40Snaedis BjörgvinsdóttirEPFL, Switzerland
Bulk Nuclear Hyperpolarization of Inorganic Solids
14.40-15.00J. Ole BrauckmannRadboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
A Low Temperature (25K) MAS DNP Setup for Materials Studies
15.00-15.35Marek PruskiAmes Laboratory, Iowa, USA
Advances in Atomic-Scale Characterization of Materials Surfaces by DNP-Enhanced Solid-State NMR
15.35-17.00tea and posters
17.00Session start 
Chair: Marcel UtzUniversity of Southampton, UK
17.00-17.20Tomas OrlandoMPI-Göttingen, Germany
Scalar 13C-Overhauser DNP in the Liquid State at Low and High Magnetic Fields
17.20-17.40Alessandra Lucini PaioniUtrecht University, The Netherlands
Spatial Localization and Selectivity in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
17.40-18.25Bob GriffinMIT, Cambridge, USA
Time Domain Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (and some CW experiments on proteins)
18.25end of session & closing remarks
19.30 -conference dinner