Tuesday 4 September

Tuesday morning

Barring late adjustments, this is the final program. Last update: 26-July-2018.

09.00Session start 
Chair: Jan-Henrik Ardenkjaer-LarsenTechnical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen, Denmark
09.00-09.45Sami JanninLyon University, France
Astonishing dissolution 
dynamic nuclear polarization
09.45-10.05Benno MeierUniversity of Southampton, UK
Sub-second dissolution-DNP at minimal dilution
10.05-10.25Andrea CapozziTechnical University of Denmark
A narrow line UV-induced non-persistent radical to generate highly polarized transportable glucose solid samples
11.00-11.20Yifan QuanPaul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Transportable hydrogen solid state nuclear polarization
11.20-11.40Nobuhiro YanaiKyushu University, Japan
Triplet DNP of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks
11.40-12.15Arnaud CommentUniversity of Cambridge, UK
Developing novel methods for metabolic imaging by hyperpolarized 13C MR
12.15end of session

Tuesday afternoon

13.45Session start 
Chair: Giuseppe PileioUniversity of Southampton, UK
13.45-14.20Tom WenckebachPaul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization beyond the
High Temperature Approximation
14.20-14.40Christian BengsUniversity of Southampton, UK
Master equation for spin systems far from equilibrium
14.40-15.00Federica RaimondiUniversity of Nottingham, UK
Many-body Kinetics of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization by the Cross Effect
15.00-15.35Armin PureaBruker Biospin, Germany
Augmenting the mm wave field in MAS DNP
15.35-17.00tea and posters
17.00Session start 
Chair: Thomas MeersmanUniversity of Nottingham, UK
17.00-17.45Leif SchröderFMP Berlin, Germany
Host Structures and their Detection Schemes for
Molecular Sensing with Reversibly Bound Xenon
17.45-18.05Claudia ZanellaEPFL, Switzerland
Boosting 129Xe DNP Efficiency using Ultrasonic Sample Mixing and Microwave Frequency Modulation
18.05-18.25Alice RadaelliEPFL, Switzerland
Probing Renal pH using Hyperpolarized [1-13C]-Alaninamide
18.25end of session
19.30 -dinner