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Design Ideas button within the PowerPoint user interface.


PowerPoint’s Design Ideas feature helps us create attractive slides quickly. Unfortunately, some of its suggestions do not follow accessibility best practice, creating barriers that may exclude members of your audience. In this blog post we explain three issues and how to fix them. The examples shown here use the default PowerPoint template but are likely to occur whichever template you use.

Design variations generated by Design Ideas.
Design variations generated by Design Ideas. The top row has designs where text has been set in all caps. The middle row has longer text centre aligned. Most of the designs use insufficient contrast for the presentation of text.

Three ways Design Ideas excludes your audience and how to fix it.

In this three-part series we explain each of the issues and why they may exclude members of your potential audience. We then demonstrate how to fix each issue.

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Overview: three ways PowerPoint’s “Design Ideas” excludes your audience, and how to fix it.

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