At the start of the pandemic, the Media Development team produced the Video Survival Guide to help staff get the basics right for producing videos from home. Continuing the University’s strategy to enhance the quality of our online offering, the Digital Learning team are now setting up a broader Film School for later in 2021.

Aimed primarily at Academic staff (although students can enrol too), Film School will support our teaching and learning community to have access to the tools, skillset and advice that will enable them to create their own videos to an acceptable standard during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The main objective is to provide attendees of the course with enough knowledge and confidence to do some of the more straight-forward filming themselves.

What is film school?

Film school is an exciting new collaborative venture between the Media teams of Digital Learning and Southampton Education School. We will be delivering lessons via various methods: video, text, exercises, face to face via Teams meetings and hopefully, lots of interactive elements to have a go yourself.

Tell us what you think?

Over many years the teams have developed a strong awareness of the range of experience and knowledge among staff in this area, and have already assembled a well-defined outline for the course. 

However, to ensure we haven’t made too many assumptions we’d like to use this short anonymous survey to establish what experience level to aim at, ensure our proposed content meets expectations and to see if there are enough interested parties to make the course feasible. 

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete.

For more information, please contact

Let’s get Filming!

Digital Learning Media team to launch film school Summer 2021

Mimi Lee


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