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If you work with student assessment, then you will be familiar with Banner and GradeBook administration. It’s the place where you enter the format and structure of modules and assessments so that student marks can be calculated. You may also already be familiar with the online Guide to Student Systems and Processes (GASSP) which is the go-to place for Banner information.

What did we do before?

GradeBook training used to be delivered as a classroom session, in a similar style to a lecture following along on a computer screen. However, due to team changes this course needed to be delivered online. The opportunity presented itself to radically shift the delivery style; from an instructional tutorial, to a virtual flipped classroom with integrated learning about the GASSP.

a screen shot of the online guide to student systems and processes, also known as the gasp.
The welcome page for the online Guide to Student Systems and Processes contains links to the latest information and processes for using Banner, the student administration system.

To help learners navigate the content and understand the support available, we linked the tutorial and the GASSP. From now on, you cannot complete the online tutorial without referring to specific sections of the GASSP, encouraging familiarity with online support.

How did we innovate?

We introduced a paradigm shift in learning activities and feedback mechanisms. The new features within the tutorial include:

a) An expanded introduction inviting you to become familiar with the GASSP
b) A complete reorientation of exercises, encouraging your input first and building on prior knowledge
c) A complete script overhaul, with scenario branching and regular integrated questioning
d) Feedback mechanisms that encourage ongoing reference to the GASSP
e) An accessible design; learners can use a keyboard and/or compatible screen reader. We have checked colours and contrasts as well as made other changes

Before the GradeBook Administration tutorial, we had not integrated features in this way for online Banner content at the university. Feedback has been wholly positive. Learners and managers appreciate the deep integration with the GASSP, and recognise a step-change in the quality of online learning for Banner.

From classroom to eLearning: a journey of innovation

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