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One of the main events within the media industry is the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show that happens in Las Vegas every year.  Just before this event, audio visual equipment sellers release and/or announce new bits of kit, and updates are also presented by various software companies.

The start of April 2019 saw a huge update to Adobe After Effects which is a video production program used to produce visual effects and motion graphics.  The new feature is called Content-Aware fill and it allows us to remove unwanted objects or people from video clips – this could be anything from logos to people or even cars. This feature has been available within Photoshop for some time and it has recently been improved even more, but it’s a new amazing and pretty impressive tool that is now available for moving images.

It turned editing objects out of moving images from something quite complicated, that would have previously required a more visual effects expertise, to an easy 2-step task. Of course, we can’t just get rid of everything now; but when the shot lends itself it does work a treat!

In our day-to-day work, we could use this tool to remove things like drone shadows from shots, logos on clothing or even fire exit signs.

Here is a video published by Adobe showing off how it works and its amazing results.

Amazing new Adobe After Effects feature

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