Hands holding a mobile phone with the caption using Meetoo for confidential Q&A in health sciences.




Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo) is an online polling system that is being piloted on a large scale in the University this academic year, following successful initial trials. The aim is to replace the clicker (zapper) devices with a modern alternative that offers greater ease of use and functionality. Students can vote using any mobile device, and can also type questions and comments. It was this latter feature that enabled Trevor Kettle (Health Sciences) to facilitate a session about Patient and Public Involvement.

You can read about this on this Vevox case study; notable features are the use of Skype to enable Anya de Longh, a Patient Educator, to contribute a patient’s perspective to the session, and how Meetoo allowed her to view and respond to comments and questions posted anonymously by the students. As she explains:

“As a non-academic ‘lay’ educator, these sessions felt very comfortable, for a range of reasons. It was a very easy platform to use, and it enabled me to pick questions I felt most comfortable answering and that were the most important. This was real time ‘patient’ influence of the teaching agenda in collaboration with students!””

Using Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo) for confidential Q&A in Health Sciences

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