Birds-eye view of people drinking coffee around a table with laptop and tablet used to represent ecoffee at SGH.

In this month’s e-coffee@SGH session, Daryl Peel from the Digital Learning team demonstrated two tools that can help users familiarise themselves with a physical space, or even use a physical space to help familiarise users with a topic.


ActionBound offers a means of creating interactive scavenger hunts, using GPS to recognise a location, and guiding users through a series of activities as they move around the space.  We discussed its potential for induction and orientation, as shown in Daryl’s example using the WSA campus library.  Quiz questions at different points can help reveal new information or re-emphasise key knowledge, and there is the option to gamify activities with the facility to set scores and time limits.

Even before users visit a location, there is the opportunity to tour it virtually using ThingLink – or to revisit it as a reminder afterwards. Following on from last month’s session exploring this tool, Daryl showed what he is working on using ThingLink’s 360° tool.  Hotspots highlight areas of particular interest and can reveal further detail, or link out to associated information.

Daryl also introduced LifeSaver, which uses interactive film to help educate users on how to respond in a medical emergency.  A succession of simple choices, high-quality video and working against the clock combine to make this an exciting and memorable way to learn.

If you would be interested in working with the Digital Learning team to develop your own resource using these (or similar) tools, then do get in touch.

In our next session, we will be focusing on Twitter.  Do join us in LF9 on Thurs 27th April, 10-11am to find out more.

ecoffee @ SGH: Some AR and VR tools

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