Successful communication test with SDR

This week the communications team successfully tested the breadboarded communications subsystem using a software defined radio (SDR).

An SDR is a simple USB dongle that anyone can plug into a computer and tune to listen to the radio, or alternatively tune to the amateur radio frequencies (145 MHz and 433 MHz) to detect satellites using that band for communications.  This weeks test successfully used an SDR to listening to a simple broadcast from the breadboarded communications subsystem.  While still at early stages in development this offers reassurance that amateurs around the world should be able to listen to UoS3 from their homes with relative ease.

A screenshot of the first signs of life from the SDR

A screenshot of the first signs of life from the SDR

About Mark Coulter

Mark is a fourth year Aeronautics and Astronautics undergraduate at the University of Southampton specialising in Spacecraft Engineering. He is involved in the FEE (Engineering) GDP and heads up the publicity side of the UoS3 project.


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