We like students to form groups to tackle the same topic from various angles, because group creativity stretches them further and because the experience of group work gives them more to reflect upon when writing up their semester with us. We’ve had groups make work about Addiction, Degenerative Conditions, Depression and range of other subjects they come up with themselves through songs, poems, rap tracks, dramatic monologues and instrumental pieces. We help students to explore their topic with insight and originality, to communicate clearly, and develop a rapport with their audience. One of the most important things for them to discover is that there are no right answers, and that connecting with their creativity can involve performance, passion, courage and failure – the stuff that makes us human.

Professor Andrew Pinnock and Dr Drew Crawford, Music Tutors

My creative outcome was demonstrating the effects of an arrhythmia by applying the beats of an arrhythmic ECG to an extract of a well known song (Imagine by John Lennon). In the recording I sing the extract twice, the first time as normal and the second time with the arrhythmic beat applied.

Emma Naunton

Please listen to the two sections of the song below:

For this project, my group was music and the topic that I chose was addiction. For the project, I decided to write a creative writing story, which I read over a backing track, which I edited from the song Desire Lines by the band Lush. The project will start with an introduction, which has no music but will provide context for the story. So, please pay attention. Once the introduction is over, the music will start and I will read the story from the perspective of the main character, Jordan.

Dylan Rayarel

Please listen to the story below: