Creating Digital Learning Resources

“Learning is transformational: engaging your audience in a way that enables them to do something differently as a result is really important in healthcare. ‘Creating digital learning resources’ gives students the opportunity to bring something that matters to them to a wider audience – one they may never meet in person – and to equip learners with the tools or knowledge to make a change.  Over the past year, students have had extensive experience learning online themselves; this meant their reflections on how to deliver online learning meaningfully and effectively were particularly pertinent.  We’ve been really struck by the imagination, thought and care students put into planning and creating resources, as well as offering valuable feedback to one another.  Teaching others is a brilliant way to consolidate students’ own understanding, and is a skill that will be key in their future careers.”

Anna Ruff, Creating Digital Learning Resources Tutor

How are you doing? by Hannah Joel

An interactive mental health resource for healthcare professionals designed to explore wellbeing, mindfulness and more.

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Covid-19 – What to look for and how to stop the spread by Maddie McGowan

A resource designed to help primary school children recall the three main symptoms of COVID-19 and apply knowledge of preventing transmission of COVID-19 to scenarios, using quizzes and games.

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Stroke by Dan Witchell

A resource designed to improve the knowledge of the main types of stroke, namely haemorrhagic and ischaemic for the families of stroke victims to help them accept and understand the diagnosis.

Model of a skull in clear plastic, showing the internal anatomy.
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