Medicine and Culture

“I have been teaching Medicine and Culture for many years. This interdisciplinary module introduces students to how various diseases and conditions (we focus especially on AIDS) can become metaphors for rejection and marginalisation. It analyses the ways in which cultural, medical, political and societal discourses can entwine and impact on the self-representations of patients. As well as exploring disease-related discrimination and its impact on the self, the students also examine anti-discrimination strategies. For many students, it is the first time they can reflect on the various impacts a disease could have on a patient.”

Dr Aude Campmas, Medicine and Culture Tutor

The relationship between AIDS, discrimination, homosexuality and Masculinity by Bethany Neall and Sadia Hallam (Press play to turn the pages).

Distancing from Aids as a result of the Stigma by Megan Lawley, Richard Addae and Emerald Aston
(Press play to turn the pages).

Historical Interpretations of Mental Health and Illness

Middle Ages by Emily Kent and Matilda Witte
(Press play to turn the pages).