Winter couldn’t just let spring come without dropping a surprise present first.

Whenever someone asks me how I find the UK so far, I would say, “It’s cold.”

Because it’s true.

But that doesn’t stop me from going out and enjoying what the city of Southampton has to offer.

Westquay at night.

The Festival of Lights is the name of the light installations on display at Westquay (the shopping centre in the middle of the city) for about a week and was free for the public to view. It was not some grand-scale exhibition but it was nevertheless, a good enough excuse to get out of my room and take in some long-needed fresh (but very, very chilly) air.

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There were many families around with kids who were all so cute I had to get them in my photos.

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Now comes the chillier part of the post.

As Storm Emma sweeps across the UK, a blanket of snow covers Southampton.

And with heavy snow comes closed university campuses, cancelled lectures, bus service disruptions, snowball fights, snowman making, sledging (what people here call sledding), slipping on ice, singing songs from a certain Disney movie and more.

You have to make the most of the snow.

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That’s how you chill.

Cue Goodbye Winter. Then follow it up with Spring Day.

Chilling while its chilly

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