In a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of the second month of 2018! Time sure does fly fast, especially when your schedule is packed with activities.

The James Dyson Foundation (JDF) Engineering Workshop

Speaking of activities, IMechE-USMC recently held their first IMechE Engineering Quiz. With IMechE-USMC’s past engaging activities, namely the James Dyson Foundation (JDF) Engineering Workshop and the USMC CV Workshop, I was the first to throw my hat into the ring when they announced the engineering quiz. Having held many purposeful activities for the students in USMC, it won’t come as a surprise that IMechE-USMC was nominated to be the best student chapter! Congratulations to the committee members that brought up this remarkable achievement.

With an aim to boost student’s competitive spirit, and getting young learners to explore beyond lectures and textbooks, the IMechE Engineering Quiz was conducted to give students a platform to showcase their intelligence and expertise regarding engineering. In teams of four, each team competed against one another in a quiz-show style event. And thus, I proceeded to find some reliable teammates who came in the form of; Naresh, Nicholas and Bryan to form the IMonE team.

Team IMonE : Bryan, Nicholas, me and Naresh

Fast-forward and we’ve arrived on the competition day. The first round was known as “Bang the Buzzer”. In this round, every team was shown a question where the first team to ‘bang’ their buzzer gets the chance to answer. To get the audience engaged, the questions were also displayed to the view of the public. Everyone had fun as teammates collaborated well to support each other. Buzzer sounds were continuously heard throughout this round, but no worries as no buzzers were harmed in the process.

Team Black Horse spamming the buzzer.

The second round of the quiz was known as the “Pressure Cooker”. In this round, each team gets a 20 second time frame to answer the questions on a piece of paper provided. This time, no buzzers were involved as everyone gets to answer the questions but in a discrete matter. Papers were submitted at the end of the round and the teams were then shown the correct answers on the big screen, in full view of the public. The marks accumulated were then brought forward to the third round, “The Big Exam”.

Team Rhino in a heated discussion.

The Big Exam sounded intimidating and it was indeed tense for us contestants. Similar to the first round, the buzzer was involved but with a twist; for the last round, each team will have to nominate one player to compete against another individual from each team, rotating on four different subjects ranging from Automotive and Aeronautics, Astronomy, Computer and Industrial. I took up the Industrial category. Interestingly, this round saw the inclusion of audience members as players as well, where the public were able to submit their own answers through an online portal. The audience member with the most correct answers won a Starbucks card worth RM30!

During the round involving the industrial category, Kevin, an opponent from the other team “Shape of Engineer” was faster than the speed of light as he answered all the questions swiftly, giving no mercy to others that were involved. It was as if he was answering questions that were too easy for his standard.

Kevin smiling as he knows the answer to all the industrial questions.
Nicholas giving his full attention during the Automotive and Aeronautics category.







After all the competitive rounds, the award ceremony commenced. The champion for the IMechE Engineering Quiz goes to…. DRUM ROLL…. Team Rhino! Team Shape of Engineer obtained 1st runner up whereas our team, IMonE managed to emerge as the 2nd runner up. The winner for the audience category was Kai Yun! Group photos were taken to commemorate the successful event.

Audience winner: Tee Kai Yun
Audience winner: Tee Kai Yun

Overall, the experience of joining the IMechE Engineering Quiz was indeed valuable. A friendly match that brought everyone together to experience a competitive atmosphere while obtaining knowledge that is not taught in textbooks.



Photo courtesy of Lai Chung Kwan

IMechE Engineering Quiz

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