University students have long had a reputation of limiting their expenses, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. University life provides us with opportunities to indulge into new experiences independently, and one such experience is taking up miscellaneous jobs and earning a few bucks along the way. In fact, there are ways of doing so without skipping lectures and lagging behind on the syllabus! Here are a few that are easy, fun and profitable:

  1. Drive with Uber
    What better way to earn if you love driving around the city and meeting new people? Since Uber’s founding about a decade ago, the demand for ride-sharing services has rocketed.
    All you need is a car, a license (duh…) and a smartphone with the Uber app. You’ll pick up passengers looking for rides and make money taking them to their destinations.
    The best thing about driving with Uber is the flexibility. You can choose whether to drive at night after your classes, or on the weekend when you’re free. It’s entirely up to you!Image result for driving gif
  2. Give tuitions
    Having overcome the obstacles of school studies very recently, you can probably empathise with your juniors more that their adult teachers can. Becoming a tutor helps you earn, spread knowledge and refresh your basics.
    Tuition can be held at home, a public tuition center or even over the internet. In fact, to start off, you can hold classes for your younger siblings and get some extra pocket money from your parents in return!Image result for student teaching student
  3. Sell your old books
    Everyone has a section of their bookshelf filled with story books or textbooks they used to read as a kid. Now that they are unneeded, why not sell them? There are plenty of websites that cater for used books such as Amazon and Or you can even try setting up a booth with a few friends and auction the books!
    Image result for amazon books
  4. Start blogging
    I saved the best for last! Blogging is a great way to express your ideas and opinions on social matters to the university students, staff and general public. It improves your communication skills by building the tact needed to put your thoughts into words.
    Today, there are so many options available for anyone willing to blog. You can try applying for the post of the university blogger, or independently start your own blogging site. There are no limitations on the content your blog can contain. So feel free and let your ideas flow!
    (If you find blogging interesting but still aren’t sure whether you should do it as a university student, check out my previous blog on why students should blog: result for blogging gif
4 Ways to Make Money as a University Student

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