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We gave a talk to the Winchester School of Arts students and invited them to collaborate.

UoS3 and arts

One of the purposes of UoS3 is to improve the educational experience of the students from across our University. It is common for CubeSat projects to focus mainly, or even solely, on engineering and science students that take part in design, manufacture, and utilisation of the satellites. It is a meaningful thing to do because […]

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First dress rehearsal of the on-board computer and the load-bearding CubeSat structure.

Computer’s first rehearsal

When many groups of people are making a piece of equipment, like our CubeSat, they have to come up with interfaces that specify how different pieces will fit together. Then you make the pieces according to these interfaces and, if everyone has done everything correctly, the pieces should fit. When we got our first prototypes […]

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Verifying the estimated mass of one of the prototypes of the on-board computer.

Watching the mass

The biggest limitation for virtually every satellite is its mass. If the satellite is too heavy the rocket will not be able to take it into orbit. UoS3 will be less than 1.33 kg, so this isn’t a problem. But we still need to comply with CubeSat requirements and keep the mass below the mentioned […]

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The load-bearing structure drawings

Approving the manufacturing drawings

Upon finishing the computer aided design (CAD) model of the satellite and verifying, through analysis and review of design, that the structure that will carry all the mechanical loads meets the requirements set for UoS3 we decided to manufacture it. To do this we produced a set of technical drawings and, while some of the […]

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