An introduction to Oceanography
Discover Oceanography


The Discover Oceanography Workbook is designed to give teachers additional information about the activities you will participate in during your session on the boat. The handbook includes copies of log sheets into which you can record the data you have collected and guidance on interpreting that data. On this page, some ideas are included on further experiments and activities you might like to consider trying with your pupils. There are also some student versions of these pages found here, which are designed to be more interactive and can accessed from home.

Temperature and Salinity

The Ocean helps shape Climate around the world. Ocean currents transport heat from equator towards the poles, releasing heat to ...

Secchi disk

Knowing how far into the water column the light penetrates and how it behaves within the water column is very ...

Sampling techniques

Why do we Trawl, Dredge, net and grab? To see what is living in the water column, above the seabed ...

Marine identification

Once flora and fauna have been collected, the haul must then be identified. Taxonomy Species must be named for us ...

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