We have a range of exciting collaborations with colleagues across disciplines to help us better understand nervous system function.


Patterned microchannels to control the direction of axonal projections

Neurons extend processes that cover vast territories. This allows them to directly connect with cells distant from the soma, with each individual neuron forming thousands of connections. These large neuronal networks ensure efficient communication over long distances, and also provide “highways” through the brain for the spread of pathogenic material.¬†


Neurons form large and tightly regulated networks that are the basis of our behaviours, and that adapt their connectivity in response to experiences. The formation and maintenance of neuronal connections requires morphological changes and is coupled to activity-dependent events. We work with Mariana Vargas-Caballero to dissect the cellular and molecular basis of neuronal plasticity in health and disease.

Seeing is believing

primary hippocampal neurons imaged using hard X-rays

The continuous development of new imaging modalities for visualising neurons and neuronal function is fundamental for advancing our understanding of neuroscience. We work across disciplines to understand the strengths and limitations of emerging imaging techniques, and contribute to their  implementation for biological samples.