Signalling near and far

Neurofilament staining in the hippocampal CA3 region highlights axonal tracts

We are interested in the interplay of signalling and membrane trafficking in health and disease.

Axonal and synaptic dysfunction lead to changes in the distant cell soma. Together with Vincent O’Connor, we are investigating the long-range intraneuronal communication between synapses and the soma during early stages of degeneration.

Trafficking of pathogenic material

Microfluidic device filled with food dyes to highlight culture channels

In collaboration with Jonathan West‘s lab (IfLS; Medicine, UoS) we customise microfluidic designs to allow us probe long-distance signalling and re-create minimal neuronal circuits in culture to study material trafficking. We are particularly interested in the spread of pathogenic tau across synapses.

GFAP staining in the hippocampal CA1 region of a rTg4510 mouse

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