Seeing is believing

We work with Bill Brocklesby (ORC, UoS), Jeremy Frey (Chemistry, UoS), Aaron Parsons (Diamond Light Source) and John Chad (BioSci, UoS) on developing X-ray imaging techniques to visualise fine neuronal morphology at super-resolution.

In collaboration with Sumeet Mahajan‘s (IfLS; Chemistry, UoS) and Amrit Mudher’s (BioSci, UoS) groups we use label-free imaging to investigate axonal structure in health and degeneration.

Publications related to these projects:

Baksh PE, Ostrčil M, Miszczak M, Pooley C, Chapman RT, Wyatt AS, Springate E, Chad JE, Deinhardt K, Frey JG, Brocklesby WS: Quantitative & Correlative Extreme Ultraviolet Coherent Imaging of Mouse Hippocampal Neurons at High Resolution. Sci. Adv, 01 May 2020: Vol. 6, no. 18, eaaz3025 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaz3025

Baksh, P; Odstrcil, M; Parsons, A; Bailey, J; Deinhardt, K; Chad, JE; Brocklesby, WS; Frey, JG: Quantitative Evaluation of Hard X-ray Damage to Biological Samples using EUV Ptychography; XRM 2016; Journal of Physics Conference Series (849): 012034