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Deployed antenna

Antenna Deployment Test Video

The antenna is a crucial component of the satellite to get the measurement data from the satellite down to the Earth. In order to work, the antennas need to deploy from their compact launch arrangement into the operational state. This antenna deployment is an important step and that is why we test it as much […]

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CubeSat Pictures

For the occassion of the University of Southampton Open Day, we had a photo shooting with the satellite. Here is one of the resulting beauties:  

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Satellite is Fully Funded

We received truly amazing news today. The University of Southampton’s Education Enhancement Fund will fund the UoS3 project. This is a game changer for us as it enables complete manufacturing and testing of the complete satellite system. The Education Enhancement Fund is an initiative of the University to support projects that enhance the education of […]

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3D Printed Parts Arrive

Short status update: At the moment, we have three teams working on the power subsystem, the telecommunication subsystem and the attitude control system. Those groups will wrap up their work early next year. We also received much anticipated 3D printed parts. Mainly, this is the redesigned antenna deployment mechanism. It does not look like much […]

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Satellite Article in the Wessex Scene

We met with the Deputy Editor of the University of Southampton student newspaper “Wessex Scene” and they did an excellent feature story about our satellite. Be sure to check it out. Together with the Wessex Scene, we are looking forward to additional collaboration in the form of feature pieces that focus on special aspects of […]

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Assembly test

Assembly Dry Run

Today, Alek and I did a satellite assembly dry run. We expect that we will soon have more printed circuit boards to place inside the satellite and we want to know how we assemble the satellite when we get to this point. Naturally, we identified some issues that we will sort out in the days […]

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UoS3 Logo

New Semester: 3 New Student Groups

The new semester has started at the University of Southampton and with it, 3 new student teams picked up work on UoS3: The power subsystem is currently in prototype form will be driven to completion by Josh, James, Thomas, Adran and Reece under the supervision of Alex Weddell. The telecommunication subsystem, at this point, is […]

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Power Subsystem Prototype Completed

This Friday, electronics student Omar Shetta delivered the prototype for the Power Subsystem of UoS3. The power board monitors the charging level of the batteries, controls the power input from the solar cells, power distribution and protects other electrical components (such as sensors) from getting fried by potential power surges. Omar, under the competent supervision […]

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CubeSat Structure

Structure Manufacturing Completed

Today is a big day. Months of design work culminated in the product that we picked up from the University metal manufacturing workshop (The EDMC). Andrea Ambrosetti (machinist, in this picture on the left), Richard Dooler (designer and machinist) and Kevin Smith (boss of EDMC) really did an excellent job of producing the satellite structure. […]

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Deployed antenna

Successful Antenna Deployment Test

  David Shao, who is one of our volunteers, performed successful antenna deployment tests with the same hardware and mechanism as is destined for use in space. The antenna is held by a nylon wire which is then burned using a resistor (notice the smoke). The antenna is freed under its own tension. Well done […]

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