Structure Manufacturing Completed

Today is a big day. Months of design work culminated in the product that we picked up from the University metal manufacturing workshop (The EDMC). Andrea Ambrosetti (machinist, in this picture on the left), Richard Dooler (designer and machinist) and Kevin Smith (boss of EDMC) really did an excellent job of producing the satellite structure. Thanks a lot guys!

Andrea (left) discussing the design with us.

Andrea (left) discussing the design with us.

As you can see see in this picture, the results is beautiful and we already have a good idea in what kind or rocket UoS3 will fly:

CubeSat Structure and Rocket

UoS3 structure with future launcher – courtesy of Gian Luigi, the master paper rocket builder.

The next steps are to fill the enterior of the satellite with life (aka electronics) and attach solar panels to the outside. Both of these tasks are well underway and you can expect some news regarding this in the next weeks on this site. Finally, we will test the satellite to make sure that it works properly and that it will survive the vibrations, pressures and temperatures imposed by a rocket launch and the space environment.


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