Welcome to the University of Southampton Library self-study module: How to publish your research article

Each topic page provides details and links to information on individual parts of the publishing process. You can work through the module in order by following the buttons at the bottom of each page, or jump to specific sections via the menu bar.

There are two major parts to the academic journal article publishing process:

  1. Pre-submission tasks.
  2. The manuscript submission, revision and acceptance process.

Each of these parts is multi-facted and complex, and the specific tasks will vary from subject to subject and journal to journal. Here we provide guidance for the most common aspects you are likely to encounter.

There are a few minor post-publication tasks also detailed here and you can contact our Open Research & Publication Practice team for additional guidance at any time: eprints@soton.ac.uk 

If you find it difficult and confusing that is because it is difficult and confusing! Frustration is very much a part of the process. When you inevitably get stuck, seek out a trusted colleague with experience for guidance.