I can’t imagine any of you are unaware that we have a new Vice Chancellor. Mark Smith joined the University on 1st October 2019, he finds much at this University that is world class but is aware of the key areas where we may not be at the forefront, not least some of the structural and procedural inhibitors that definitely needs attention.
He has visited the Faculty of Medicine leadership team at our Faculty Executive Group meeting last term and will be coming to meet all staff on 29th January. You should all have received an invitation by email; this is a great opportunity to meet him and ask him any questions that are important to you.

In preparation, I encourage you to take the time to read the consultation document that was published on sussed this week setting out his thoughts about how to reframe the strategy to get us to the right place for this institution. You may want to use this to consider what this means for you and your work here and frame questions around his proposals. You can submit any questions you might have for him ahead of the session on 29th January, or come with your questions ready to ask.

In the UEB blog this week you can read about the Council away day discussions and note for estates developments, developing the North-East Quadrant of the Highfield campus to provide innovative interdisciplinary teaching space for Medical and Health Sciences education, improved teaching and staff premises for Maths, and more digitally-enabled teaching provision is a top priority.

I look forward to seeing many of you on 29th January.

A new Vice Chancellor and a new vision by Professor Diana Eccles

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