…inspire the next generation. That may be through inspiring my clinical students who teach their patients and improve their health, or by inspiring teachers who will teach with excellence what they have learnt to benefit their patients and their clinical practice, or by inspiring a trainer who will train their colleagues and peers to improve their clinical service. #my teaching will inspire the next generation. This is my passion. (Judith Holloway).

Being a teacher could, arguably, be one of the most important roles you can have. We may not think of ourselves as teachers and yet all of us at some point need/want to ‚Äúimpart‚ÄĚ knowledge or understanding, whether as a lecturer, facilitator, trainer, explaining an idea to colleagues, talking to patients or relatives of patients – think about how many times a day in conversation you are sharing understanding with someone else. We get very few opportunities to have/experience/access formal ‚Äúhow to teach‚ÄĚ sessions. Recognising this and wanting to share our passion for education/educating, we designed a new masters level module called ‚ÄúTeaching The Teachers To Teach‚ÄĚ, affectionately known as T5.

Our students have varied needs, they will be teaching/training very varied audiences and so this module encapsulates the beginning of the journey for them and aims to give them opportunities to consider their practice, educational theory, technology for education and give multiple opportunities to practise in a safe supportive environment.

Each year sparks a whole series of lightbulb moments for us and we can see the lightbulbs flicking on over the course of the module of all the students‚Äô heads – use of technology, how difficult assessments are to design, the importance of a good beginning, engagement, how to use questions….. so many to see.

In the days of the TEF, being excellent educators is everyone’s business. Summarising is best left to the students themselves


… now be able to fully engage and enthuse an audience to learn more after being on the T5 course (Nathan Moore, F2 doctor, MSc Genomic Medicine Student)

… now use fantastic new IT skills to connect with my teenagers in teaching them about food allergy (Jane Schlezinger, Paediatric Dietitian, MSc Allergy)

… help me communicate to a wide audience and promote the care of those with allergy (Liz Angier, GP, MSc Allergy)

Judith Holloway, PCAP,  PFHEA, NTF (Clinical and Experimental Sciences)

Veronica Hollis, PGCAP, FHEA (Clinical and Experimental Sciences)

Kath Woods-Townsend QTS (LifeLab Director)

And the T5 Class of 2017 Masters students


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