I attended the MedSoc Spring Ball on 6th May.  I was advised that the dress code was ‘summer chic’, or ‘what you might wear at a wedding’, and had been asked to present certificates to the winners on the Dean’s List.

There was something of a wedding reception feel on approaching the marquee on Stoneham Park on a sunny, early summer evening – and the large, white Hollywood-style letters, MEDSOC, by the entrance added a distinctive touch.

Besides an excuse for a great party (and it was), the evening was an opportunity to celebrate some outstanding achievements.  I take immense pride in seeing Southampton medical students graduate as enthusiastic, well-prepared and inspiring new doctors.  Our students also pursue a range of other activities – and these extra-curricular activities aren’t always widely recognised.  That’s why we created the Dean’s List.

The nominations for awards demonstrated the breadth and depth of talent in the medical student community.  From the Moosemen rugby team to the Bluetits netball team, from the Southampton Inspire Academic Society to the Medics Revue, from WAMSoc (Widening Access to Medicine Society) to the JamSoc jazz band, and many other individuals, teams and societies, our students make a huge contribution to enhance academic and social life in the Faculty, University and wider society.

And it’s all the more remarkable that this is achieved alongside the rigorous academic demands of a full undergraduate Medicine curriculum.

Congratulations again to all those who were nominated – and particularly to the winners on the Dean’s

Dean's List Award winner
Dean’s List Award winner

List for 2017:

Teams and Societies

  • Society of the Year: Roosters Men’s Football
  • Academic Society of the Year: SIAS – Southampton Inspire Academic Society
  • Most Charitable Society: Medics Revue
  • Most Improved Society: JamSoc
  • Best New Society: WAMSoc
  • Most Inclusive Society: MedSoc Monty
  • Best Educational Project by a Society: NUNC – National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition
  • Best Outreach to the Community (biggest community impact): Teddy Bear Hospital
  • Best Inter-University Collaboration: Gophers Mixed Hockey

Individual Awards

  • Best Sportsman of the Year: Alex Mitchell (BM5 Year 2)
  • Best Sportswoman: Alex Stebbings (BM5 Year 3)
  • Best Performance in the Arts: Ahmed Elmansouri (BM5 Year 4)
  • Most Committed Member of a Society: Aristides Plastiras (BM5 Year 5)
  • Best Peer Tutor: Michael Ahn (MMedSci)
  • Fresher of the Year: Charlotte Woodward (BM5 Year 1)
  • Club Captain/President of the Year: Tom Leaver (BM5 Year 3)

Standout Awards

  • Biggest Inspiration: Rochelle Sylvester (BM5 Year 2); Alicia Munroe (BM5 Year 4); David Hendry (BM5 Year 1); Charlotte Jewell (MMedSci); Hannah Kraft (BMEU Year 2)
  • Unsung Heroes: Ilaf Moslawy (BM5 Year 2); Pia Doh (BM5 Year 2); Harrison Abery and Jeremy Foster (BM5 Year 3); Azra Khatun (BM5 Year 3)

Outstanding Contribution to Medical School

  • Cameron Gemmell (MMedSci); Fiona Vincent (BM5 Year 4); Katy Baran (BM5 Year 3)

The interlude after dinner, before the party got into full swing, saw the announcement of the new MedSoc Committee members, Vikash Dodhia (MedSoc President), Anna Halstead (Vice-President/Faculty Officer) and their team – and I wish them all the best as they take up their new roles.

Dean's List Award winners
Dean’s List Award winners

The Spring Ball was a great success – a chance to relax and celebrate and to acknowledge the tremendous achievements of our medical students.  Thank you in particular to all those who arranged the event and to Hoda Amar and Jingy Alom for their substantial input over the past year as Vice-President/Faculty Officer and MedSoc President.  In the face of a changing, and at times challenging and unpredictable external environment, it was a pleasure to spend an evening with such talented and dedicated students on their way to becoming the next generation of doctors.

MedSoc Spring Ball

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