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Students spend a lot of time reading things throughout the academic term, be it their lecture notes, research papers, emails, that darn dissertation paper, etc. Once summer break starts, some might find picking up a book to read a bit overdone on their part. So what better way to get a good story, which doesn’t involve pages of black and white text, than watching a video bursting with colours and sounds that stimulate more sensory organs than a book can?

With the Internet having become so easily accessible and the availability of video sharing sites like Youtube and streaming services such as Netflix, watching a good show has become a way of spending one’s free time for many.

Hence, I am here today to share about 3 series I managed to cross off my To-watch list since the end of the term.

1. Silicon Valley

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An American comedy series about a group of lads trying to find success with their start-up company in Silicon Valley. But of course, if it was all smooth sailing, there wouldn’t be much to the story and thus – sabotaging, back-stabbing and dumb decision-making are strategically spread out across the episodes. Five seasons in and our geniuses (or not?) are still struggling to find their big break. (Warning: Profanity runs amok in the show)

Being exposed to coding at university and taking part in several app-developing competitions have definitely piqued my interest in this area and allowed me to appreciate the series a lot more. What I love the most though about the show is the comedic aspect of it. The characters’ lines are gold. Their ability to throw insults jokes at each other one after another just blows my mind.

I finally caught up to the latest season and to no one’s surprise, we’re left with another cliffhanger. Let’s go, Season 6!


2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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An anime (Japanese animation) which follows a high school student named Saiki who was born will all types of psychic abilities but just wants to live a normal life, free from any kind of attention. But how’s that possible when he was born with pink hair and has to wear a pair of antenna-like pins on his head to keep his powers under control? Well, being able to alter the social norm of the world such that having naturally bright-coloured hair is nothing worth a second glance definitely helps.

However, it seems that being a psychic doesn’t help much when your classmates and family are just as out of the ordinary as you are. Thus, the ‘disastrous’ part of Saiki’s life.

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Just like Silicon Valley, the comedic aspect of the series is what makes the show entertaining as well as the uniqueness of the characters. The majority of the laugh-inducing scenes are based on randomness which can easily come off as trying too hard but it is delightfully done well in the show.

3. Fight For My Way

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A Korean drama about friendship, love (no surprise there) and some fighting in and out of the ring. We follow three childhood friends and another friend (collectively known as the Crazy Fantastic 4) as they struggle to stay sane at their workplace and pay their rent on time whilst finding their dreams. The chemistry between the lead actors and actresses completely won me over!

And that concludes today’s sharing session. If you have not heard of any of the shows before, I hope that at least one of them have caught your attention although Saiki was probably trying to stay low and you might consider picking it up. Or if you have seen any one of them before, maybe share your opinions below? Some recommendations will be great as well!

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A fighting psychic in Silicon Valley?

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