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New ditched enclosure excavated in Southern Spain

Magnetometry of the newly discovered circular earthwork enclosure La Loma del Real Tesoro II (near Carmona).

A new Prehistoric ditched enclosure called Loma del Real Tesoro II (literally ‘Royal Treasure Hill’) has been excavated in Southern Spain, near Carmona (Seville). Works have been carried out there by archaeologists from the ResourceCultures Collaborative Research Centre of Tübingen University (Germany), led by Professor Martin Bartelheim, in collaboration with Leonardo García Sanjuán, from the University of Seville (Spain).

Aerial view (drone) of the excavations at the Neolithic Palisaded Enclosure near Frederikssund, Denmark.

New palisaded enclosure excavated in Denmark

In September 2015, construction works for a new road near Frederikssund, Denmark, led to excavations at a newly discovered Neolithic palisaded enclosure. Torøgelgårdsvej is not a proper ditched enclosure. Instead, it is a Neolithic palisaded enclosure. Archaeological works at both enclosures in the Roskilde Fiord have been carried out by Emil Winther Struve, from the Roskilde Museum (Denmark).